Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Getting to know you... Getting to know all about you...

I wanted to change it up a bit... I love sharing my heart through my blog... but I want to know more about you! So here's the scoop - I have 10 fun questions for you to answer - Leave your answers in our comment section of this post and a $20 Starbucks card could be yours. I'll be back on Saturday to announce the winner... (and my own answers to these questions)

1. If you had a day all to yourself what would you do?
2. What sweet treat (candy) makes your mouth water?
3. Inspired by spring.. What is your favorite flower?
4. What is one thing you are looking forward to this summer?
5. What store represents your style?
6. What movie could you watch over and over and over and over again?
7. If you went on an adventure... would you head to the beach or the mountains?
8. What is one book you think everyone should read?
9. What is your favorite place you have gone so far?
10. If you win this $20 Starbucks card... What drink would you order?

Can't wait to hear your answers!!!

- Kori


  1. 1. Read a book
    2. Salt Water Taffy
    3. Tulips
    4. My daughter's College Graduation
    5. Gap
    6. "Meet Joe Black"
    7. The Fiji of course
    8. The Five People You meet in Heaven
    9. Kaui ~ naturally beautiful
    10. Venti Cafe' Frappucino w/ add shot and heaven forbid WHIP CREAM! : )

  2. 1. Shop without interruption.
    2. Sour punch straws.
    3. Easter Lily
    4. The weather.
    5. Marshalls.
    6. Toy story 3
    7. Mountains.
    8. Case for Christ
    9. Cozumel Mexico
    10. Mmmm Iced Coffee with sf vanilla and some milk please=o)

  3. 1. Organize the house... it's been driving me crazy!!!
    2. Swedish fish (the red ones)
    3. Plumeria
    4. Family reunion and time in the sun!
    5. Style? I have a style? Honestly, I'm pretty pathetic and if it weren't for my bestest friend being in the fashion industry I would be hopeless lost! :)
    6. Cinderella
    7. Beach
    8. Bible
    9. Disneyworld
    10. Water... okay, I'm boring. I would be giving it to my Mom-in-love who LOVES coffee and is currently looking for work.

  4. 1.Go to the beach,relax and read.
    2.See's Candies Bordeaux bar
    4.A summer without making wedding cakes...LOL! I'm taking a cake break.
    5. Goodwill ?... Anthropology, even though I've never actually purchased anything from there.
    6. BBC's Pride and Prejudice (with Colin Firth)
    7. Beach
    8. Bible
    9. Cambria or Carmel Both are just amazing.
    10. Caramel Macchiato

  5. 1. Do a self spa day: walk on the beach, pedicure, manicure, mud mask, music, bake, watch the sunset, and drink a chi tea latte while watching a Audrey Hepburn classic.

    2. Kit Kats... they are one of the only American Candy Bars in Spain, so they remind me of home. If we're just talking sweet...then homemade chocolate chip cookie dough :)

    3. Yes and a champagne colored rose.

    4. Returning home to be a bridesmaid in my best friend's wedding this July.

    5. My friends: I tend to pick up on their styles and adapt what I like from each into my style.

    6. Harry Potter and the Half Blooded Prince...the one liners in that movie are fabulous.

    7. Mountains, they scream adventure! The beach says relaxation.

    8. Pride and Prejudice

    9. NYC- I was with two of my best friends for two weeks exploring the city and living with the Coat's family (an unbelievably generous host family). So many adventures and stories came out of it, but mainly I remember that the trip really strengthened our friendship.

    10. If it works in Spain: Mocha Blanco Frio Grande sin nata con leche desnutada. If it doesn't then when I come home it will be a Veinte White Peppermint Mocha, nonfat milk, no whip...because Peppermint does not exist in Madrid!

  6. 1. I would probably do the sensible thing and work. But what I would WANT to do, is go out and shoot with a group of photogs.
    2. Almond Joy
    3. Poppies
    4. camping
    5. Anthropologie
    6. Pride and Prejudice
    7. Mountains! I'm a Montana girl :)
    8. Bible :)
    9. Ireland! I went there in HS for a missions trip.
    10. peppermint white chocolate mocha :)

  7. 1. Take a long walk and read a great book
    2. DOTS!...especially sour Dots!
    3. Sunflowers
    4. Hot hot hot!
    5. I am a little here and there when it comes to fashion...
    6. Roman Holiday (Oldie) Mean Girls (Classic!)
    7. Mountains
    8. East of Eden
    9. Probably my favorite place to go would be just down the street with Audrey to see the horses...Simple, free, and beautiful.
    10. A different drink every time! I like to switch it up. :)

  8. 1. Go antiquing and watch a Jane Austen movie
    2. Reeses: Anything with peanut butter and chocolate
    3. Sweetpeas
    4. June in Estes Park, CO
    5. Anthropologie and then the thrift store to find it cheaper
    6. Pride & Prejudice
    7. Mountains... rappelling anyone? :-)
    8. The Bible
    9. Zimbabwe!!!!
    10. Caramel Macchiato, shots on the bottom, non-fat, extra caramel

  9. 1. Pamper myself
    2. Swiss milk chocolate
    3. Dendrobium Orchids
    4. Boating
    5. I just recently started to like shopping...
    6. 29 Dresses
    7. Beach
    8. Bible
    9. Italy
    10. Venti chai non-fat with cinnamon dulce or if it is hot then Venti iced chai non-fat vanilla whip and cinnamon powder

  10. Heidi Divird
    1. I would get my nails and toes done, tan, get caught up on my television shows, and clean!
    2.Skor Bar
    3.Gerber Daisy
    4. Being off for 2 months and still getting paid!!(perk of being a teacher)
    5. Styles for Less and Target
    6. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days!
    7. The Beach
    8. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
    9. The Dreams Resort in Cabo
    10. Blended white chocolate mocha with caramel!!!

  11. 1. lay outside in the sun with a good book...or magazine
    2. sour gummy bears
    3. BRIGHT colors, any flower
    4. Knowing what I am doing after college!
    5. embarrassing as that is to admit
    6. Little Black Book (equally embarrassing)
    7. Mountains! Camp!
    8. Cry, The Beloved Country
    9. Being in England was truly magical
    10.grande iced white mocha no whip!

  12. 1. scrapbook shop and then spend the day playing with all my new supplies
    2. lately- peanut m&ms
    3. dark pink roses
    4. camping trips and traveling
    5. american eagle- love jeans & a t-shirt
    6. the proposal
    7. mountains!
    8. the bible
    9. to see the terra cotta soldiers in Washington DC
    10. tall pike's place with extra cream- at $1.50 you can't beat it :)

  13. 1. Spend time with each of the kids alone, and then some time by myself as well.
    2. Cadbury Cream Eggs
    3. Sunflowers, Tulips, and Freesias
    4. Traveling
    5. Ann Taylor Loft
    6. Not sure -
    7. Beach
    8.After the obvious - Bible - everyone should read Dr. Seuss
    9. Probably being given a tour on a private boat from New Jersey into New York by a man with a thick New Jersey accent
    10. I will be giving it away!

  14. 1. Window Shop and Thrift shop
    2. right now, Cadbury mini eggs.
    3. LOVING Cherry Blossoms
    4. The beach.
    5. I'm lame, probably target or old navy.
    6. Again, I'm like a 13 year old. Twilight series.
    7. Beach. Beach. Beach.
    8. Bible.
    9. Italy, specifically, The Cinque Terre.
    10. Grande decaf americano, 1 pump peppermint, 1 pump mocha, splash of half n half.

    So fun, Kori!

  15. 1. I would probably just stay at home and relax!
    2. LOVE Trolli Sour Gummy Worms
    3. Tulips!
    4. Makenna's 1st Birthday!
    5. Express
    6. Awwww...The Notebook :)
    7. Definitly the Beach
    8. Real Moms....Real Jesus
    9. Cancun! So far away from everything that it was actually a vacation!
    10. A Venti Iced Vanilla Chai Tea Latte...YUM!

    -Such a fun Kori :)-
    -Ashley Thompson-

  16. 1. Scrapbook the last 3 years!
    2. Dark Chocolate
    3. Stargazer Lily
    4. Camping
    5. No idea, a little bit of everything.
    6. Grease
    7. Mountains
    8. The shack
    9. Yosemite, I am never tired of the beauty of God's creation.
    10. Grande Skinny Vanilla Latte

    Love your talent!

  17. 1. Absolutely nothing - just relax
    2. Twizzlers
    3. Tulips
    4. A vacation
    5. Gap
    6. You've Got Mail
    7. Definitely the beach
    8. The Bible
    9. Paris
    10. Tall non-fat 4 pump chai latte