Sunday, March 6, 2011

Families - Van Elderen Family

We spent a beautiful afternoon in the sun in a blooming orchard capturing the essence of little boys... They played hard as I snapped away. Our goal was to get some great shots of each of the boys... some of them together ... along with family photos. And it's always an adventure with little boys so I followed along as they set out on their exploration.

Such a fun little family!

Which way did they go?

I couldn't help but post this last photo... it's part of the story of our afternoon. We had to get creative to capture some great family shots and we had a little help from my little green friend. I had them throw him to me so the littlest guy would look in my direction. And of course we have to have some fun while we do it ... If I had a special book for funny outtakes this one would be in it. It's in mid air.

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