Thursday, March 31, 2011

Little Ones - Weisgerber Family

Rachel... Thank you so much for letting me capture your kiddos and this precious time of childhood! We captured some giggles, smiles, and a few special moments between the two of them! I hope you enjoy these photos for years to come!

I love how curious he was... just checking things out!

She was just a doll... I adored her cute little giggle!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Getting to know you... Getting to know all about you...

I wanted to change it up a bit... I love sharing my heart through my blog... but I want to know more about you! So here's the scoop - I have 10 fun questions for you to answer - Leave your answers in our comment section of this post and a $20 Starbucks card could be yours. I'll be back on Saturday to announce the winner... (and my own answers to these questions)

1. If you had a day all to yourself what would you do?
2. What sweet treat (candy) makes your mouth water?
3. Inspired by spring.. What is your favorite flower?
4. What is one thing you are looking forward to this summer?
5. What store represents your style?
6. What movie could you watch over and over and over and over again?
7. If you went on an adventure... would you head to the beach or the mountains?
8. What is one book you think everyone should read?
9. What is your favorite place you have gone so far?
10. If you win this $20 Starbucks card... What drink would you order?

Can't wait to hear your answers!!!

- Kori

Families- THe Prescott Family

Joey and Paige have been great friends of ours for years! We grew up in the High School Ministry together... served along side of them in the High School Ministry... and now we are raising our kiddos together! They have been such an encouragement along the way!

Paige... you are stunning!

Such a handsom little guys!

He definitely looks up to his daddy... hehe

Landon Man... I think to him our afternoon was one big play date... (goal accomplished!)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Little Ones- Kellen Family

A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost. - Marion C. Garretty

Savor the moments that are warm and special and giggly. - Sammy Davis Jr.

Such beautiful girls!

Little Ones- Dowd Darlings


Such sweet sisters!

Her natural beauty shown through... I love how she started picking flowers to make her own bouquet.