Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I Will... Blane & Erin

This was the kind of day that every photographer dreams of... beautiful weather, lovely light, fun location... and a couple absolutely in love with each other! When I first met Erin... she is the type of person that just lights up a room and as we sat chatting about the details of their upcoming wedding... it felt like we had been friends for years!

These two reminded me so much of how blessed I am to be a photographer... and why I love what I do... I am not just taking pictures... I am capturing a connection with each other... taking a small moment out of life to pause long enough to capture it all. Capture it so that when they share their love story for years to come... they have these moments to hold onto... and to remember often.

I love this photo... (and there are a few more from these last moments of our photo shoot in their gallery) Here's the scoop on this photo- we had already headed back to our cars to end the shoot... Jared (my hubby) had been shooting with me so the four of us sat around a bit. Blane and Erin told us their cute story of how they started dating and we had fun just getting to know them better... That's when the lighting changed and we on a whim (my whim) headed back out to soak in this warm and romantic light... I am so glad that we did!!!

They were totally enamored by each other... I think they forgot that we were even around... I love their passion for each other!

It's the little moments that make life BIG! - Unknown

Blane & Erin...

Thank you for trusting us to capture your engagement and wedding day! We are so excited to celebrate this special time with you and can't wait for May!!!

-K & J


  1. Great job Kori!!! Loved them!

  2. Beautiful, amazing...perfection!!!

  3. Kori,
    My favorite, them standing in the old barn doorway. Great photo! sandi