Friday, April 8, 2011

Friends for a lifetime... Alyssa & Karissa

I can be your friend!
I can be your friend!
If your hair is red or yellow,
we can have LUNCH,
I'll share my Jell-O?!
-Veggie Tales

I found this cute little quote in one of my books and it totally made me think of these two and their friendship... why you might ask? When I asked them how long they had been friends they laughed and said... almost longer than they could remember (like 4 years old) and they said that their friendship all started with a lunch box... When they were younger they ended up having matching lunch boxes and from then on were bffs...

Before our session I asked them if there was anything that was a must... that we capture and they said that they really wanted to do swings... There are swings by Alyssa's house and they spend a ton of time together on the swings.

My heart was encouraged just by being with these two girls for the afternoon! They are beautiful inside and out!!! Back when they were both in high school - we got to hang out a bit because they started in my extream team in the High School group... Loved seeing them again... still great friends... still loving the Lord!

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