Saturday, June 25, 2011

Families - Swanson Family

This past spring I donated a photo shoot to Shelter Cove's High School Group- Mexico Trip Auction (wow that was a mouthful!) I was excited to connect with the Swanson family who won our photo session. We spent an afternoon of capturing some sweet moments... Here are just a few of my favorites! Don't forget to check out our fun new video fusion slideshows at the end! I saved the best part for last!!!

I am in love... love... love... with this sweet girl and these photos! I just feel like it overflows with little girlieness (is that even a word?) There were so many photos where her little eyes just sparkled and her smile beamed that it was so hard to choose... but PLEASE click on the image below which will share more of this beautiful session with you! Including some adorable video clips with all sorts of cuteness!!! I promise this sweet one will put a smile on your face!!!

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