Friday, February 25, 2011

My little Sunshine... on a rainy day

"Sunshine... Sunshine... Sunshine... Sunshine... away" - Those are often the little words that I hear coming from Rhian in the car or as we tuck her into bed. We are slowly adding the rest of the words to the song... but either way she is the little sunshine of my day and I am so thankful for the recent blessing of being a stay at home momma in order to just be able to be in more of those moments with her. I never really thought of myself as the "stay at home" type but I have experienced more joy and peace than ever. So I wanted to share my little sunshine with you and hope she brightens your day... like she does mine!

Her cute little outfit is from one of my favorite children's designers Matilda Jane... They sell their clothing through fun in-home trunk shows and Matilda Jane is releasing the Second Spring Release in March... Sooooo We are going to have a trunk show at our house March 3, 2011 at 6:30 pm. If you are interested in more information... feel free to email me! You're invited... and bring a friend! I also want you to enjoy your MJC as much as I do so I am also going to be giving a free sitting fee to anyone who purchases a treat from the show. If you can't make it in person... orders can be placed over the phone or email as well! Want to see more MJC or put your wishlist together for the trunk show? Click on this link...

We were playing a little game of "peek-a-boo" and I think she was laughing at me because I wasn't very hidden... I am not sure who makes who laugh more...

To say that Rhian loves her pockets is an understatement!!! She is enthralled with filling them and is overjoyed when she makes the discovery that there is something in them...

I know this last photo isn't excatly "professional" quality... but it still touches my heart. Did I mention that it had actually started to rain at this point so I was trying to snap the photo as fast as I could... I never imagined that Rhian would love Ryder so much... and even though she only recently actually called him by his name. She just covers him in kisses all the time and she is so aware of where he is and how he is doing. She is such a good big sister. The other thing that equally touches my heart is how he responds to her... All he has to do is see her face or hear her voice and he just lights up with a huge grin. I hope that they are super close as they get older! Although that may mean they might gang up on me... Uh oh!

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  1. Very sweet! Rhian is growing up so much and is just a doll. Love all the colors and that fun flower pillow. Compliments the MJ outfits so well!