Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I "heart" you!

Simply put - I "heart" you today and always!

I couldn't help but post this one of them too... Ummm related much? Their facial expressions just make me giggle!

Thanks Gpops for the mouthful of marshmallow!!! Nothing better than a little bit of sugar to sweeten the day!

Tonight to celebrate Valentine's day Jared and I snuck away for a much needed cup of coffee to just be... with each other. It was great to catch up with my best friend and just enjoy him without interruptions for a short while. Although... it was heartwarming to come home and be greeted with a loud "momma" as Rhian threw her arms around my neck for a great hug!

On a side note... these adorable puppies will be available for adoption very soon! If you know of anyone who is looking for a loveable companion... Let us know! There are five total and everyone of them is as adorable as this little guy!

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