Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dental Portraiture and Social Network Consulting

At last the wait is over… We are so excited to announce our Dental Portraiture Collection. This professional photography collection will allow you to utilize your current and future patients by showcasing their carefully crafted smiles and demonstrating your valuable work. Using viral marketing strategies, including blogs, social media, and your business website, we can expand your clientele and ultimately your business. Through your personal portfolio you will have a great opportunity to capture and share what you have created.
I spent a number of years as a Dental Merchandise Sales Representative gaining valuable experience that, coupled with my passion for photography, lead me to create our newest collection of Dental Portraiture. During this time I also developed an expertise in social network marketing that will enhance the visibility of your business and ensure success. I am confident that the partnership of your business and my photography will be a rewarding and beneficial relationship.
You create the smile… I’ll capture it… and together we will inspire others to invest in their smiles as well!
Now that you are as excited as I am, you can contact me personally for pricing information about our new Dental Portraiture Collection and social network consulting.

You can view a sample patient gallery on our Client Website:

Kori Heuvel

Patient's Orthodontic Treatment was artfully done by Dr. Jeremy West of West Orthodontics

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