Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ralston Family

I loved meeting them for the first time! Hayley was just full of love and sweetness towards her little ones! Fun is the first word that comes to mind after hanging out with this family! We laughed and giggled the whole time!

I got the sweetest text this morning from Hayley... her daughter asked "if I was going to come over and play with her again today"... that is the beauty of what I get to do as a photographer! I get to make new friends and it made my heart happy to know that she had fun... taking pictures should be at least a little fun, Right?

What a precious moment to cherish!

One of my favorite parts of working with children is that it is so non-scripted... kids are totally uninhibited to just be themselves. We were behind an old warehouse and there were railroad tracks by us and at one point a train came rolling on by, even I could feel the roar of the train in my chest... but this cute little guy covered his ears and kept on going! It was so adorable because he even managed to squeak out a "cheese" as the train stormed on by. He had me smiling and this was another great moment where I was reminded of how much I love working with kids!

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