Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mops Mommas at Big Valley Grace, Modesto

Meet all of these Mops Mommas from Big Valley Grace in Modesto, CA. We serve along side of each other in a ministry called MOPS also known as Mothers of Preschoolers. Mops is a place where Moms can find friendship, encouragement, and resources to be the very best mommas that we can be.
I just started coming to the group last January after I quit my corporate job... I was looking for a place to get connected... a place to learn from other mommas... and a place to be real. I was so thankful to find so much authenticity and transparency. It was so comforting to know that I wasn't the only one with a strong willed child... and that I wasn't the only one who struggles to keep up with housework... and that I am normal- if I am lucky to squeeze in a shower. What we share is a desire to love on our families, develop their little minds and hearts, and teach them truth of who Christ is.
A couple of months ago... my heart was a bit restless and I began to pray about a place to serve. Both Jared and I had served for years in the high school group. And I miss it so much. We stepped down when our little ones arrived just because it was just so hard to give it our best in this crazy season of life that we are in. I realized that for this time... my home- my kids- my hubby need me to be focused on them and our home is the place where we need and want me to be investing in. After a bit of time I still felt like I was called to be serving outside our home too but I had no clue what that looked like... about the time I started praying about the right place for me to be - Heather (our lovely and fearless leader:) asked me to be a part of serving in MOPS and I knew it was the right fit... the best place for me to be. I absolutely love seeing and being a part of other moms finding a place where they belong... A place to ask questions... a place to vent... a place to be challenged... and a place that meets you right where you are at. I can't wait for fall to be here and to start back up with lots of new faces!
I was blessed to be able to snap a few photos of these ladies for the BVG Mops Website. These lovelies will be leading this fall for the.
So this is your official invite... if you are looking for a place to get connected or know of another momma who is- we would love to get you plugged in!
For more information about what MOPS is check out this link:

And for more information about MOPS at Big Valley Grace click the link below:


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