Thursday, January 6, 2011

{Ryder... aka my little drool bucket?

Get it? Look a little closer at this first photo... ok I know it's a little cheesy play on words but yep he's my cute little drool bucket.

I remember before he was born wondering how I would ever love another child as much as I love my first... everyone kept telling me that you just do. And they were so right! I have fallen in love all over again. He shares smiles so easily and there is just something about his smile and the look in his little eyes that melt my heart. He makes me chuckle all the time.

He is doing much better with his reflux issues... we have thankfully found a medication that is helping his tummy. He was so miserable in the beginning... and now he is what the doctor called a "happy spitter upper." He is still pretty much power puking after every feeding but now he isn't writhing in pain. And the good news is that even though he is spitting up a TON he is gaining weight. At his 6 week check up he was 14 lbs and he is moving right along into his 6 month clothes. (even though he is only 9 weeks old) He is quite the "tank."

Jared went back to work this week after his ruptured appendicitis 4 weeks ago. It was a quite the challenge for our little family when he was in the hospital. I am so thankful for our moms- we would not have made it without them! They took such good care of the kids for me. My heart hurt when Jared was in the hospital because I felt torn between Jared in the hospital and our kiddos ( Ryder just 4 weeks old) at home. The nurses encouraged us not to bring the kids to the hospital to keep them well. And even though he came home on his 30th birthday... He has recovered well especially considering how much infection there was. So even though it was rough for awhile, It was a blessing in disguise because he got to spend the holidays at home with all three of us. He was so excited to get back to work and now with Jared gone during the day I feel like we are attempting to get into a routine with two.

I love all of his kissable rolls!

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