Thursday, December 2, 2010

{ A new family tradition!

I think we have officially started a new family tradition! We had so much fun as we took a short drive to a tree farm on the fringe of Modesto. We spent hours... way more than I thought we would as Rhian loved running up and down the rows of Christmas trees. I was shocked at her fearlessness as she zig-zagged through the big green trees. We loved all of it - the beautiful day, the lovely trees, fresh air and the cute little place that we went. We loved our experience and the owners so much and we recommend this place to anyone who is looking not just for the perfect tree but also to anyone wanting to build family memories!

Christmas Trees at Woodland Iris Gardens - tall trees are also available, free tree trimmings (free greens/boughs with tree purchase)
5406 Milnes Road, Modesto, CA 95357. Phone: 209-578-4184. Email: Directions: From Hwy 99, take Briggsmore east to Clause Road. Left on Claus, about 1 mile - Right on Milnes about 1 ½ miles. Watch for signs. Open from the day after Thanksgiving, Seven days a week, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.
Christmas tree varieties: U-Choose & Cut your own: Cedar, Monterey Pine

At one point in the morning we walked around a row of trees to find Rhian, in all of her sweetness and her Gpops lying on the ground starring up into the trees. I quickly realized who's idea it was... and not surprised at all to see how willing her Grandpa was to enjoy the moment. She kept telling him to lay down... and you bet he did!

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