Saturday, November 13, 2010


Ryder is settling right into our little family! He has proven himself to be a pretty mellow little boy so far. As long as his tummy is full and he has been burped he is quite content. I stare at him sometimes and just take him in... he is already changing so incredibly fast. We just had his two week check up and he is already 10 lbs 8 oz and 22.5 inches long. Rhian has been so good with her "baby" as she calls him. She hasn't called him by name yet... but she lavishes kisses on him whenever she can. She has been such a help with him although she is testing me right now for sure.
I am a ball of emotions as we go through this adventure of adjustment... Exhausted but in love for sure!

If I am being transparent... its been a bit hard to transition to having two little ones. A bit heart breaking actually. It makes me sad that I can't give Rhian the time and energy that I did just a few short weeks ago. I am hopeful that I will figure out how to manage them and learn how to give her more time. But until then... it's been great for her to get more play time with her daddy and grandparents. Maybe I am just a bit jealous that she prefers her daddy over me right now.

As I uploaded these photos... Ryder was sitting on my lap and I just soaked him up. He nestled into my chest and just snuggled. I love his sweetness...


  1. Kori,
    I dont know if you remember me, I rode with you and Jerad to mexico for Big Valleys missions trip 2 years ago. Your children are so adorable! I had no idea you were a photographer, you are very talented. I looked through all your blog postings :)
    -Carissa Hoftiezer