Thursday, May 26, 2011

Little Ones - Stanton Family

I always love meeting new families and making new friends... but there is also something incredibly special to me about getting to share my love for capturing moments with good friends! We have been friends with the Stantons for a long time... (way before we were even thinking about wedding bells let alone babies) But I love what a lovely family they all are and I was so excited to celebrate their littlest one with a photo shoot!

Ok... so this little series cracks me up! I have never seen this little guy share his charm quite like this before... I love it!!!

Both R & K are such lovely little girls!!!


  1. aw my little buddy Reegan, she is so adorable. Great job Kori!

  2. Kori we love them, thank you so much. You have such an incredible gift. Love you friend