Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ready or not...

There is no question about it... I am ready to meet our lil' man! I am anxiously counting down the days until his arrival. As of today we have 52 days till he is due... that's 1,248 hours or roughly 74,880 minutes until we are due to meet him. That's only if he follows his sister's lead and arrives on his due date. It's amazing how each pregnancy is different! The way that my body feels (yay for less morning sickness with this one), my emotions, crazy hormones, swelling... all of that is different. The one thing that remains the same is the overwhelming love and joy I have to be his momma. I can't wait to touch his soft yummy skin and take in all of his baby smells (ok, maybe not all of them). As I prepare my heart to meet him I pray for him and his future. I pray he would have a genuine hunger to know Jesus... I pray he would be a leader with strong character... I pray he would have a love and compassion for others... I pray that he would be wild at heart... And I pray that God will give Jared and I the grace to know how to be the parents Ryder will need us to be.

This photo is a photo that I took earlier this weekend as part of the assignment for an online photography class that I am taking with Maggie Holmes. I am so excited to be in the class and I can't wait to learn tons more about something I love... and challenge my skills and creativity. I have some fun photo shoots coming up... and I will most likely be posting a few photos from my assignments too. Can't wait!

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