Wednesday, January 6, 2010


This photo is a good depiction of how I feel in my heart... Like a small child filled with wonder of what the future holds! Ready to open the door to a new place and pursue following my dreams. With each step I desire to learn more about who I was created to be and more about the God I love. My prayer is that through this journey the Lord will draw me closer to him and that his love will overflow to those that my life touches. I also pray that God would bless me with his creativity and the ability to see the world and others through His eyes.
As I start the new year full of many new things... One thing that is stirring in my heart is a passion to pursue what I love doing... capturing moments in photos. This love of mine started back when I was in junior high and had been assigned to create an all about me book for Mrs. Hall's 8th grade English class. I have loved scrapbooking and holding onto what is good through photos and memories ever since! I am embarking on a journey not sure of where it will lead but excited for the ride.

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